How to Choose the Right Diamond Painting Size? A Comprehensive Guide

~Practising diamond painting will be of more fun when you choose the best paint-by-diamonds kit by analyzing the required canvas size and accessories.

Painting with diamonds is not just an artistic expression any more, as every artisan who dwells in it considers it a creative gateway offering expansive therapeutic benefits. Also, while in the process of crafting it as an artisan, one shall not choose its beauty alone; indeed, as an artisan, you fall for yourself and your inner artist. However, the procedure of carving seems to be more interesting when you get the best diamond painting kit with the canvas size and accessories exactly as per your requirements. As it is said, the main thing to accomplishing your diamond painting masterpiece is to make the perfect size of your painting with a diamond kit. So, with no further delay, let us move forward and analyze the canvas's different sizes along with their detailed configurations.

What to know about diamond painting sizes?

Usually, the size criteria of the best diamond painting kit wholly depends on the canvas dimensions, which are considerably denoted in terms of centimeters [CM] or inches [in]. Here, the canvas size is a direct correlation between the pattern complexity level and the number of colorful resin beads or diamond drills, making sure that there are enough to complete the masterpiece. Specifically, here every larger canvas of diamond painting is designed with intricate designs, which usually require a proper time commitment by the artisan, whereas a smaller diamond painting canvas size suits every small project with a design of simpler patterns and serves as the best option for every beginner artisan. 

Chart Size and Recommendations:

Here, you can have an easy look at the different canvas sizes and their configurations in detail:

1. SMALL SIZE = 20X20 CM - 30X30CM

  • Ideal for beginners.
  • Takes few days to be finished.
  • Designed with simpler patterns and has fewer details.
  • It suits more for creating a greeting card or small decor pieces.

2. MEDIUM SIZE = 30X40CM - 40X50CM

  • Ideal for intermediate-level artisans.
  • Take a few weeks to finish based on the artisan’s time commitment.
  • Designed with balanced patterns equalizing size and details.
  • It is perfect for creating wall-framed art pieces.

3. LARGE SIZE = 50X60CM - 60X80CM

  • Ideal for every experienced artisan.
  • Takes more than weeks to finish.
  • Designed with intricate patterns and finer details.
  • It seems to be perfect for wall art display.


  • Ideal for pro artists.
  • Takes more than months to complete it.
  • Designed with expansive patterns and more intricate details.
  • It is perfect for a wall hangout in larger places.

So while choosing the best custom diamond painting kit or a diamond painting kit, make sure to consider these size factors.

Notable Factors to Consider:

  1. Know your skill level: if you are a beginner, try choosing a smaller canvas and slowly go for the other levels; if you are a pro or expert artist, try choosing a large or larger canvas.
  2. Know your time commitment: If you have chosen a large or larger canvas size, then it is a must that you dedicate a lot of time and commitment; also, patience in the masterpiece accomplishment plays a crucial role.
  3. Know your space constraints: Initially, make sure where you are going to display your framed masterpiece based on the space constraints in your living space. Large canvas sizes require more space, while small canvas sizes require less space.
  4. Know your budget: It is crucial to choose the best diamond painting kit based on your budget, as the cost varies from a larger canvas size to a smaller size based on the number of drills.

Final Words

However, choosing the right canvas size for diamond painting might seem difficult, but it is not impossible when you choose one from Diamond Painting Hub Canada. Also, this time while checking for the best diamond painting tools and kits, ensure to consider factors like skill level, time commitment, space constraints, and budget terms, as this plays a major role in finishing up the shimmery masterpiece. Here, also check for the chart size table thus provided before getting your artsy kit. Why wait? Hurry up and get the best paint by diamonds kit from the store Diamond Painting Hub. Shop today for more enticing deals on the product.

Diamond Painting Hub wishes you a happy painting!