Diamond Painting Dictionary: Decoding Crafting Terminology

~Art will be filled with more fun and joy when you are aware of everything it involves in accomplishing a masterpiece. Better know about your artistic flow.

Paint by Diamonds is such an amazing art that is not only the start of the craft process, yet the ending of this craft seems to be more interesting as to where a masterpiece is achieved. However, every process requires something or some resources to be accomplished correctly and promptly. Similarly, painting with diamonds does have a few essentials that need to be marked upon by every artisan so that they can be on the art flow with no hurdles in between. So, as an art lover, your zeal alone in crafting a wonderful art piece is not sufficient to mark the shimmery carvings as real; you need to be aware and have all the artistic requirements and specific terms that make your artistic approach easier.

So, with no further delay, let us move forward and note down all the terms that are highly essential in the process of crafting an amazingly shining masterpiece.

However, before knowing the terms of painting with diamonds, art experts always suggest getting the finest diamond painting kit from a reputable store so that you will be detailed on everything, further reducing any of your artistic stress. So, with no further doubts, you can get yours today from Diamond Painting Hub Canada. The list of terms that helps every artisan attain a perfect artsy grip on paint by diamonds is as follows:

  1. Drills: These are also known as resin beads, rhinestone beads, or colorful diamonds, which are usually 0.25 centimeters thick and come in square, round, or any other shape based on the supplier. Generally, they are flat on the back and round on the top.
  2. Full Drill: This is one of the types of drills that covers the entire printed portion of the canvas.
  3. Partial Drill: This is another type of drill that partially covers the portion, which means just the specific part of the printed design.
  4. WIP: This term is commonly used by every art enthusiast, and here WIP means work in progress, which lets you stay connected to the project you are working on.
  5. Wax: This is also known as adhesive glue and helps in placing the diamonds on the canvas using the drill pen; it generally presses the drill into the hollow canvas firmly.
  6. Canvas: It is a printed background sheet that comes fully or partially printed based on your requirements.
  7. 3D/5D: These are two different facetes or dimensions of a diamond. Iteratively, for a 3D diamond, it will have three dimensions, and similarly, a 5D diamond will have five dimensions in regular.
  8. Color Code: This is crucial while in the process of crafting both canvas and the color drills, which come with a coded number or alphabet that helps in placing the respective colored drill in the particular canvas block.
  9. Tray: Also known as a diamond organizing tray, this usually comes with different compartment section boxes where you can pick one as per your requirements and preferences. An organizing tray will help in placing all the diamonds well segregated from other colors, which in turn makes your artistic process more organized.
  10. Cover: This will be transparent and comes along with the diamond painting kit along with a canvas, which helps in holding the diamonds firm and right on the canvas.
  11. Light Pad: This can be considered an external tool that is generally used based on an artisanal interest. It specifically helps in seeing every intricate detail of the canvas in detail, further avoiding any misaligned drills.
  12. Applicator: It is also known as a drilled pen; it helps in picking up and holding them and placing them on the design thus given on the canvas.

Final Words

Thus, as you are now completely aware of the required essentials that tune your arsty process well, you can just set your path in crafting your favorite diamond painting artsy piece. So, what is still stopping you from getting the finest among the best Custom Diamond Painting Kits and diamond painting kits? Whirl on to grab your favorite paint with diamonds kit from Diamond Painting Hub Canada now.