5 Amusing Things to Do with the Remnant Diamonds

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If you are one of the art enthusiasts and, most probably, a diamond painting addict, or if you have some loads of diamonds leftover, don't just waste those resin beads by leaving them as art collectives; try using them for molding into different crafty things that can occupy an attractive space in your home. So, now you might be thinking of different ways to decorate things with beautiful and sparkling curves of colorful diamonds. No worries; further, let us discuss five different and amusing ways of using all the remnant diamonds of the craft.

5 Crafty Things That You Can Do with Leftover Diamonds

When you complete diamond art painting, there might be a few colorful rhinestones leftover that will go to waste. This time, make use of your remnant diamonds in a craftier way. Let us further look at five amusing and beautiful creatives with colored beads:

Go With Your Imagination:

Here, while being creative, you can totally rely on your imaginative skills and come up with fantastic ideas. For example, you can just create cardboard pieces with constructive words or letters and craft with all the colorful diamonds, which gradually results in a shinny decoration that can be hung anywhere. Also, you use these crafty diamonds on a cloth piece and glue them up properly, which considerably results in a dazzling outfit, a curtain, a door mat, or any such wonderful weaving craft. So, this time, make sure that you go along with your imagination and craft everything with a touch of colorful, shimmery diamonds.

Carve Your Wardrobe:

Feeling bored of your routine wardrobe collections? Then, this time, give them a touch of glittery elegance by using diamonds. It might be old shoes, sandals, waist belts, or any other accessories; add them with outstanding color pebbles so that they look perfectly stylish. For this, all you need to do is pick one of your accessories, let's say a shoe. Now draw an outline of the shape you wish to have. Next, try fixing the colorful diamonds on it by using adhesive glue, and continue this until the entire drawn shape is filled in with colorful beads. That's it. Now your wardrobe turns into a new storage space for all your enticing collections.

Try It For Yourself:

If you are a self-beauty lover and always try to groom yourself with the best elegance touch, then this time try giving your beauty a diamond-ecstatic tone. Like a manicure for hands or legs; a liptone adjustment; an eyelasher; or any beauty strokes you choose, try using colorful diamonds at places of makeup as per your interests. For example, let us say you are doing a manicure on your hands. Now, after applying the nail polish, try adding a few stones in a particular shape or at random on the nail. Then, see the glittering beauty of the nails; it seems fantastic, right? So, this time, don't miss adding the diamond touch to your beauty routine.

Spin the Glass Stains:

In a home, there might be a few glass works that are damaged or stained for various reasons. It will be really hard to throw them in the trash, right? No worries; we have a perfect solution to fix this. What you can do is take the glass work that is to be crafted and draw a specific shape on it as per your interest. Now, try placing the diamonds according to the shape and continue with different colors of diamonds until the entire shape is filled. That's it! Amazing diamonding glasswork is now done. Finally, you can display it in your space, like in a hall or kitchen, or at any place that attracts the entire family's attention.

Design a Bottle of Art:

In our house, we generally come across many unused water bottles. Instead of throwing them in the trash, try something uniquely creative using diamond beads. Let us say it is a bottle made up of glass, then try filling it from inside with different colored beads and cap it up; if the bottle is made up of plastic or metal and is not transparent, then try making a shape on the surface and then place all the colorful diamonds on it one after the other until the entire shape is filled. Thus, in this way, you can even work up any such crockery or utensils you feel like crafting.

These crafty ideas are just a few among many wonderful creative carving techniques. Here, you might also choose any interesting DIY decor of your choice using colorful diamonds.

Final Words:

However, it is a well-known fact that diamond painting is not just an amusing craft work; it is something to explore, which results in an essence beyond every artistic ecstatic touch. Thus, as discussed, you can inventively use the leftover diamonds in an amusing way and carve every usual thing into an extraordinary one. Apart from all these, it is always important to be pretty sure while getting the best diamond painting accessories kit, as here you need to ensure that the tool kit is authentic, which you get only from trustworthy stores like Diamond Painting Hub Canada.

Happy crafting!